Summer Reflections

As I sit here drinking coffee and watching the light play off the flowers in the garden I am shocked that it is Labor Day weekend. Where did the summer go. I’m sure most of you are feeling the same way. As I look back on what was accomplished I realize that most everything was accomplished by the husband. I was just a knowing spectator in all his hard work. Nothing big was done just small things that needed to be taken care of.

In June when we got back from our Tennessee vacation we had big plans to do some badly needed deck improvements but, after my accident and my incident on the interstate with my two new tires on my new to me car and a very expensive repair, that ended up on the back burner, again. Sometimes life just gets in the way and you just have to keep slogging thru until you reach the other side.

The husband managed to get the Wisteria down. We are in the process of killing any off shoots that keep popping up. He managed to make some needed repairs to the pergola, he fixed my piece of beloved gingerbread that hangs in the opening to the deck. It had come unglued and was in peril of completely falling apart, again. Now the joints are tight and secure.

He is also in the process with his sister and 2 brother’s of preparing to put his mother in a nursing home. Getting the house ready to go on the market and liquidating the contents. For the last 15 months they have all taken such good care of her. She needs 24 hour care. Between them and the help of in home care people they have been able to keep her home. But now with the expense of private care it is becoming evident that the nursing home will be a better alternative for all. They all need to be able to get their life back. This was a hard decision for them but, they all feel it is the right one.

For me it’s been a summer of problem solving. I haven’t had many creative juices going on, so I am looking forward to a change of season. We have so many things to be excited about. My granddaughters baby shower is coming up. I’ve been chasing elephants! More on that later. Florida will be coming in for the shower and she will be here on her birthday, so I will be planning a family dinner. Can’t wait to put my arms around her. Then in November we will get to celebrate the new arrival on Thanksgiving Day. Our first great grand baby. I’ll let you know how my Thanksgiving dinner plans go!!! Stay tuned.

We are off to an end of summer fish fry this afternoon, which should be fun and a great way to cap off the summer. But hey I still have flowers and I can still drink coffee in the morning on the deck. Life is good.

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