The Great Excavation and Unexpected Kindness

We are almost done!!! Beat up by branches, exhausted by back breaking labor, four yard waste containers and five yard waste bags the corner of the pergola is cleared. This has given the husband a run for his money. We started out by clipping as many branches going up the post as we could with the lopping shears, and let the leaves and branches die back. What a mess! The tangle that was on top was the absolute worst and we weren’t sure how to attack it. We started with the easier stuff on top that wasn’t quite so intertwined and just kept plugging away and throwing it off the top into the yard. My job, cut up all those twisty knobby branches into bite size pieces so they would fit into the containers. What we have left is just the large stump that we are still working on.

No big revelations after the removal. We found that there will need to be a few boards that get replaced but the overall condition at this point seems to be good, then we can start on the removal and rebuild of the surround. I will keep you posted on that.

Yesterday while I was out running errands I had a bit of a mishap. Well no, it was a really huge mishap! Only about a mile and a half from home traveling south through an intersection on a green light, that I have gone through thousands of times, I got hit. The other car traveling at a high rate of speed came out of nowhere, smashed into the drivers side of my car, I think I went airborne for a second, the side airbags went off, I lost control of my car, went up over the curb and saw a concrete bench in the parking lot coming towards me at a high rate of speed. I smashed it sent it flying and finally came to a stop. The good news is I some how threaded the needle between the fire hydrant and the light pole and didn’t hit the building beyond.

When I finally came to that stop I shakingly started to analyze my situation. Ok there is blood on my arm, but that’s just a really bad scratch, ok. Pretty sure my door window is broken I thought I had felt some glass before the airbags went off, but I’m Ok. My watch is going off like crazy but I can’t see because my glasses are somewhere but not on my face. I’ve had an accident right across from the police station, that’s handy, but I better call 911 because my car is smoking and the inside is all messed up and I can’t get out of this car. I have got to get out of this car!!!

The next thing I know there is this person tucked under the airbag asking if I’m alright. He had witnessed the accident. He was so kind to me. I said I needed to call my husband. I was so rattled that I dialed the number. The first time the call didn’t go thru. The husband was out working on the stump and when he answered he heard the sirens going off from the fire station down the street.

Next the EMT’s are poking their heads in asking appropriate questions and trying to figure out how to get me out of my car. I told them I hurt but I thought I was OK. Everything seemed to be moving. I said let me just try and figure this out. I had to go up over the console in the middle, but I had to somehow duck my head too. I said this is not going to be pretty. They chuckled and were relieved to see that all my parts were working. Surrounded by good looking young men, I should have probably done a TA DA when I finally landed on my feet. As I was speaking to the police officer an EMT quietly came up to me and took my arm and bandaged it without a word.

What happened to the other car. Well there were 4 passengers, two of which were kids. All seemed to be fine and after talking to the police officer she confirmed all was well. I had a feeling though. I asked her if they were insured. The answer was NO.

Last night while relaxing on the deck I said to the husband, damn I loved that car. He looked at me and said Shelley, how about I’m glad I am alright! Point made, my car did everything it was supposed to do and for that I am so grateful. The police officer was so professional and kind, as well as the EMT’s, and the witness who when I said I needed to call my husband, said “Honey dinners going to be late tonight”! I laughed and said you sound just like my husband.

So my day begins with surprisingly no residuals from yesterdays folly, and I will begin slogging my way thru insurance, rental cars, and of course the always fun, finding a new car!

I hope your day is less eventful.

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